WOOD nt it be fine…….

if canes didnt add to wood rot i didnt know was so awesome ly advanced under white paint.   ok , next time no white paint. i wanna SEE the  bludi rot, thankyou, not count on decent wood when it aint so.

oh   by the way..  never presume your taiwanese boat had   spruce spars.. rodlmffao.

seems mine are   made of  no longer vailable  green teak .


beautiful  boom and it is covered in white paint.   gag cough choke spew…oops.. kids present…so what do i wanna cover the epoxy with after my parota wood  spars are created????



with chopped off masts i can half mast it into mazatlan  …. with   full spars i will die.


easy choice. where’s the  damn sawzall….wish  it were that easy….. we will know soon what the agenda is for this repair.  yes it will be done prolly  completed in mazatlan.  there is no crane here for pulling masts.   this does  solve the problem of the windmill removal, however…..   wont have to climb to remove– lower down easily–electricity is  dismantled first by patricia then uninstalled inside by me…. soooo…..  momma nature is  facilitating my repairs.. just hoping for a window  during which  repairs do not scream at me  to be done asap….

i will   take pix of  boom innards so y’all can  see the beautiful wood..  wish  it were still gorgeous not rotty.

and to  design   sail cover that is kinder to  teak wood  booms….  donot wish this again.  even if it was damnnear 40 years before problems happened…and, no wonder my masts had such healthy bases….rodl.


i have seen a roller furl set up that  could well work, as booms would be left without covers and sail is loose footed, which is  fine.  i will be checking htis out in mazatlan.. i saw  this set up on lung ta and  then a similar set up  on the mainsail of a   newly purchased boat of a friend…   could well keep the  rain out of th e  wooden boom.   i would have to find new homes for the    battens–is a fully battened  smaller than original mainsail.  and a sewing machine…  will definiitely need one of those


i will be having  masts inspected before further misadventures in wood creations.  the  carpintero agrees. mebbe we can  raise his son up   mast  once we know it is ok and strong….   i need   desperately to tighten my triatic stay. and tune rig, as triatic is  floppy and  very loose.   i know the rake of masts is  helping that  be as it is,  and  4 yrs of not being  addressed….. was fine before i  became stuck in pair a dice…

best good fortune in planet, right now…

ohmy such awesome good fortune!!!!!!
el senor diaz, maestro de machinas de diesel has been here agrees to fix machine perfect and mebbe if he can overcome seasickness, accompany us to mazatlan. whew we not sink that way.. whooot..
a carpenter actually works here in marina whoooot!!!!! i showed him boomand missing ladder and one other thing– yes i has a woodworker, now to find help to remove sail and boom from boat to rebuild whoooot..
and i still need a packing gland packer with mcguyver skills to create a nut keeper for the unit so we dont have problems while underway and we are gonna make it ok.. whoot and fookinhooraay!!!!!
and chebio the electrickery magician to reverse what the cabron de floriduh did to my boat.. and i can go without qualms yet again into the deep angry ocean and deal with momma natures whims much better.
once around cabo corrientes, wind should be abeam, so mizzen and jib will work perfect to get me into mazatlan.. whoooot…
now i cross EVERYTHING so i have progress and good fortune.anyone got a shamrock or 4 leafed clover for best luck????

changing my life for the better.  lifeis how we choose it to be.many do not understand this. they think th ebad fortune intheir lives is due to other forces.. ha haha lo siento , pero is our own choices to live or not live.  to be happy  or not be happy.

personally, i choose happiness over   misery  every day of the  year, forever.  now, as i am rid of falsle friends and   slaggards and other negative influences, —  excelsior!!! onward ever  upward.

ye know it aint easy overcoming emotional and spiritual paralysis….sr diaz  looks sooo  good now–his wife  and soulmate died last year in fall, he looked   very lost and old.   today i saw him and was sooo happy heis poco a poco   getting  better. his eyes  sparkked at the sight of his engine, and he smiled so   nicely.  the sound of the beautiful engine inmy bays  was enough to makke both of  us ssmile  biiig  sincere face consuming smiles.

and so we  replace all rubber and  rebuild  fresh water pump and prepare for this trip into the unknown, which i have done   downhill before.   it isnt bad except the cabo  corrientes part near the rocks and    currents.  if i getthere at   rising tide, one setof conditions exists, and  ebbing tide  brings a  totally different situation.  yes i want to be far enough off to avoid the tidal influence and  close enough to avoid the isla  ….

sounds easy enough…….

with faith inmy boat i can  sail farther off the rocks than  if  my boat were    not up to it.   new boom and   perfect engine..no sudar. we rockin this  passage. might be a  6 pizza passage………

the emotional paralysis of the past year  is still   pulling  my  mtorvation to a  hallt.. i am  pushing against it,  yet  there comes a time in day  when i  have t o let it win.   damn i am  really finding it old, n ow,   and  so i  push onward.

so today i contacted with my mechanic,   awesome, now i can  mechanically progress.

that will help a lot.

i need some progress now.

and so i took a look a tm y mizzen boom and saw nope and nope.

is it repairable.     —     nope.

is it safe to maintain as a suncover without the sail or anything but some line keeping it immobile??  do not know.  may not be even that good.

ok.  will strip it and see what i can  do to  keep it in place until i can   create new in  mazatlan. if i could do it now–   i would.   that would be optimal. hell,  i already paid   some for the  starting of the  unstarted project.  1500 pesos.  ok.   another loss i cannot actually afford but must sukup..    no sweat. i am  indefreekingpendent.

looks like the  rapidly advanced and advancing rot had some   assistance  in   growth.  wood is paper thin that was still healthy  last year  .

it pays to inspect ypur  tropically located  wood spars  more often  every 6 months

not truly  looking forward to this upcoming  misadventure with joy at this time.


FINALLY contacted with the BEST diesel mechanic in mexico. i finally have learned enough spanish to make an appointment withhim, but conversation mighta been a liloff.. face to face works best. he says a time on fone i say bueno perrrfecto and it is ON …. whew.
thank gods for sr diaz.
without his efficiency and abilities in diesel mechanicry, i da been still without a working engine.
no, i willnot use english speaking blowhards who have to exaggerate self worth

new engine color scheme

new engine color scheme

rodlmffao. milagro of milagros….

ok so that bitch   is gone thank gods.  whew it wasnt a good storm. beautiful and destructive in its center thank  gods it didnt hit first here.  we did  get eye , however and was a good opportunity to pump  bilges… the boarding ladder was   still in place before  eyeball  came. after, then all hell broke loose..

wow was immense.

however it did hit la perula, which is now no more .  nor  are the inhabitants there anymore…  whoosh out to sea. gone./ not even a bye bye.   ok

part of la manzanilla se  fue also.    but then a  furycame hit the living hellout of these areas.  the strongest one ever measured  wow.  879 mb..  sheesh and we lived thru it.  awesome.

caroline set   a  go fund me for  repairs  to bird but  mine are   not much.  what i wanna do is donate   to the   places that need it most  and with least good fortune.

so i need a  boarding ladder and an 02cool fan. that aint much.  oh yes and a can of  white   epoxy  type paint. no problem comex is having a 28 percent off sale soon.   whoot  there we go. life rocks. \


do not ever  take your poor  cat out into a freeking furyucame.   especially not  twice. poor baby has ptsd and peed self and smells sccared  even  to now.  yukky smell.  next time we remain on boat. sorry folks is safer on boat.

oh yeah  4.5  foot seas in lagoon.   omy..and the canals   with houses and  cabo  blanco–omygods   biiig  as rebound seas  from the incoming   4.5 footers were awesome. 3 boats left that area and went to land. fuel dock left. gone.   one pump remains, and is stripped.   the hotel  water taxi dock went away..  new and gone., oh well…one in mangroves decided to  go walkabout–a  nice ericson 35mII  named corsario, which belongs to  a   12032243_1061456970533160_8053313653082067958_n 12112077_1060974413914749_1109414954426051578_n 12108072_1059999560678901_1528257119804075518_n 12032283_1061349377210586_7206090683180376553_n 12032056_1061613710517486_8722424836376796708_n 12036531_1061808203831370_537082149571382653_n 12106791_1061808303831360_6778144687006807798_n 12019918_1061808267164697_4709091673954048610_n 12042813_1061808253831365_4923128736842693750_n 11039799_1061808497164674_3504784544053649880_n 12140766_1061808527164671_5725652447015842299_n 12063775_1061808573831333_737449487587301817_n 12047074_1062284100450447_2548957117974732402_n 12036613_1062284393783751_7430346191705545975_n 12046983_1062284883783702_6988551312038706533_n 12119054_1062288697116654_3689201930734819342_n 1948142_1062286297116894_6440682309918192758_n 12190922_1062286803783510_5106803966873909158_n 12009728_1062288013783389_8849203709157621139_n 12189000_1062288430450014_6466684626789489254_n 12049312_1062288640449993_8523624784614620869_n 11219106_1062288787116645_9078145302183172841_n 11951948_1062758847069639_3703091229293665293_n 12049691_1062518477093676_6271149169277371951_n

rmexifriend here.

no major damages in marina   under the  posh hotel.   marina puerta navidad or puerta nueva  de navidad. good place..   awesome response

and someone lost a bulk cargo carrier loaded with grains  on the rocks just outside this   rock… seems the storm had other ideas as to where the ship should go and took it as a sacrifice. crew   all saved .

i rate this  cane hole 4 stars cane hole.   come on down folks we rock here.

furycame patricia

12115925_1057820314230159_3872687259979875761_n ZDknzZf     the mother of all unholy things in existence has been unleashed.
we getting a cat 5 landfall, merely miles north of us if north of us at all. fawk. ok.
we test the hurricane hole capabilities of this location. ohmotherofalldogs, i am not looking forward to this.

never before in history of this area has a category 5   or 4  major  furycame ever hit this southest coast of  mexico
i am not looking forward to the damages in this area.

testing 1…. 2…. 3 …

i am not looking forward to potential loss of all i own. . yet i am ready as i will ever get.

how well can one prepare for a category 5 hit in a small town marina in a pueblo in pacific mexico.

i pray for reprieve for this  lovely little puebla.  i hope the track   moves away from this  fishing villlage.


pray for track more to northwest of us for this mean nasty beautiful bitch please. may she hit somewhere unpopulated, please.

temporary brick wall

10606406_10204319203250459_8070972288750327474_n11817273_1079288528766961_1879637760210812572_n11938867_1027392547272936_925704845_n (1)10157137_768920506453476_4652549273811089529_n (1)11828763_1079288555433625_635530517737223198_n11204869_1079287592100388_3210434391386108309_n

ok  so last year my brother donny died, in late august , the same day i  heard my engine run first time since runaway.

then this year, dad’s turn.   ok so it has been a helluva year.

donny was cremated, memorialized in arizona veterans memorial cemetery, dad, also burnt n turnt,  is to be memorialized on the  16th, also  arizona  veterans memorial cemetery.  his  baby brother and his  wife will also be  in attendance. momma doesnt know who is gonna be there until they are.

donny was a surprise, dad was kinda expected.  he faded  faster after donny  died.

and now i get to my lack of motorvations and lack of energies and lack of  …….

was gonna make a boom.


awesome so exciting.lookinmg forward  big  time to that…  woulda helped my trip  go better to mazatlan…. but there is no glue here..   ok.  so that  is out.

plan for later…after i sail to mazatlan with a  bad nasty mizzen boom. ok

will figgerout how to wrap it, as suggested by a wood boat friend.

reversing the   alleged work done by the   person from florida..so much  he   messed up and made inop.  ok that is  fixable.  is only time and money

got my  racor 500s , all both of em.. now  to  buy hoses and install em.

but first ….

is visa time.  again.

last time was temporal,  2 yrs ago. this year is mandatory permanente.

ok i  can deal with that..is less money paid out.  i win. gives me more privileges and i only have to do it once.  ok   i likee.

gotta go to manzanillo for that.  and as i am scattered a bit,  of late, i  hired a facilitator to assist with the forms i cannot fill out when i am stresed.

i think i am stressed.  cannot   fillout forms well anymore for a  bit.  ok no sweat..just   find folks who can.

boat  is   wishing she were in mazatlan with  a new bottom on her –that will be, but the   speedbumps encountered are   not yieldiing at this time.. much to  yet do.

and the continuing epic saga toilet misadventure….continues…gggrrr….  soi think i only have 2 hoses  left which could be the  culprits…  what a looong slow trek it has been.

was sent to melaque for imigration.   turns out i get to return to manzanillo, as colima estado is manzanillos  territory.   have a ride thursday, as weds is  independencia.  fiesta time.

i gather ye have figgered i aint got much happening at this time…   was a screeching kinda halt for a bit.  am still readying   for the  mazatlan  misadventure, will find crew to assist this boat in its progression  to the city.  stilll need someone to engine sit and bilge watch as we travel.

good thing is only  300 miles

i feel as if i felloutta da tree….

slowdown some

ok so  as summer goes on  we   doing our repairs over and over  yet again, as it seems same things  always break  no matter how well  ye fix em first time.    but then i have been here a day or two  so i suppose i need to take that into account.

and when it rains it pours….  boat needs repairs,  dad is   on his way to   wherever donny is, and  …….

so i have fuel filters, finally, and  need to plumb em into   fuel lines. i stil need sr diaz to come    finesse engine before leaving, dont know exatly when that will happen.  i still need to find  some   new hoses for   exhaust and …..

still need crew–now that there is no local work due to  no tourists at this time of year, i am being fought over.   money here is always short in sept and oct.

was going to have a new boom for the  trip north, but that seems to   have met an impasse. damn i was so looking forward to that new  piece of boat to use.    so instead  10520895_840352075976985_2072390975250470855_n

i will be  patching and wrapping what i have    so hopefully it makes it to mazatlan without killing me or bubba.

is kinda hard to concentrate on the business of repairs when  the life   of a family member is waning, especially the    one who  gave us life and breathe and kept us fed and clothed   as we   were raised by him n momma.  he did a good job of providing.

i hope his passing is peaceful.  this is hard to watch. was difficult when i was working,  but up close and personal is a different   kind of  watching.  kinda  messes up the ability to concentrate on   the lil things, like what day is it, and  what do i have to do.

visa is due to renew at this time, as well…  should be  completed by  end oct,  so then i will be able to relocate easily  and  without the visa hassle over my head.

still hoping to be in mazatlan  as soon as i  can manage that…had to redo some   work that was allegedly already done–but was fail, as   some gave me a hella shock   to paw when i went in to a cabinet that was not spozed to have  live  137v wire hanging around.. oops…   that hurt for a coupla days.  wish i could trust the work that was allegedly done  when the  person  who was allegedly assisting in the alleged repairs, but i cannot.  so that was 6 months of   fail   that  had to be re configured for safety  ….. so many things,  a few of which i  yet neeed to find..  cannot go to open ocean with  the   results of sabotage under my  butt….. i want to live thru this intact, boat, cat, and self.

and i have found  items i am saving for    to use on boat when i  leave–  a shifter and throttle   assembly that is   two instead of one lever, so i can experience a miracle in   operating   this  engine and boat…ease in   function..milagro.   ok is on list….

and…….  so repairs continue. what i can do here i do not have to do in mazatlan.

and i  understand i have a brand new  toilet awaiting me in   guaymas…  must get to my destination….  that  new head is    a  bright goal in my   life at present… imagine  getting happy   just because you are getting a new  toilet…  ok so my life is a lil dull right now, but….  repairs are in progress, slowly, and i am  still making my plans in wet sand.

go in  peace  dad and watch over momma….

11828763_1079288555433625_635530517737223198_n11204869_1079287592100388_3210434391386108309_n10157137_768920506453476_4652549273811089529_n (1)11817273_1079288528766961_1879637760210812572_n


so we stuck here a  tad more time as we have experienced some fun  not anticipated, per norm.  trying to make mazatlan   this fall/winter season.

the search for  filters and water separators brought us to casa de  pescadores, the local  fishermans store and chandlery in manzanillo, wherein there are sooomany things my boat is now demanding.   oops

anyway, as we repair we reinforced our learning that  there is more to repair before it is    done, and might as well fix entire thing  than   bandaid it together 12   times..

i figgered there is a system by system   replacement  statute of limitations.    but,  boats the age of mine–damnear 40 yrs old, need all systems completely replaced. ok we will do that.

so, as  we await  departure for mazatlan from here,  we  fixing more than we figgered to fix here.. the mizzen boom is high on the list so i can  actually sail jib n jigger to maz  with  some machinery accompaniment,   rather than the other way around.    much preferable

and so dad went into skilled nursing care section of their   old folks’  place,  just around  3rd or 4th, birthday time.  was too busy   being frauded out of  the contents of my bank card, which has been   very flustrating.

Never ever buy anything with a card at home depot or  walmart.   gggrrr

new card is on its way and  life is good.  bank  investigating the fraud, spozed to  get the money back that was  stolen  from my  account via my card numbers.

crossing fingers as i typo…

so we survived that one……

as usual.

and now we have our    paperworks  in progress, finally, after   x number fone calls to virginny and    emails.. wow so many..and ..whew,  finally . i have the receipt for  the uscg  use of my card for   documentation.


did i say finally..

and so the search  continues for the filter housings i need  for the  engine  to remain  awesome  despite being used   in a hostile to it environment.  cartridges re easily found, but the housings….

and now i see i need to replace the trident exhaust hose. ok.. there are hose   stores in mexico– not certain  of where closest  one is..  will find easily enough..if all else fails,  use a taxi. the drivers know a   lot  and  are  locals, so nothong is without  access…

found some  zipties for temporary  clamping of   booms.. we might try to fly the mizzen and jib, or parts of each, if……

this  boat will be soooo happy to see next port, as i promised her a  transformation, of sorts–kinda a partial makeover, and a bottom  job/haulout.


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