furycame odile

10645172_875853139093395_2371913081614937310_n 10393656_765962973468546_8164477240753480507_n 1943197 EE0E0793-E09F-4524-A9B7-3B3A2A36A3CB_zpsdxfab2kl 2ugp9ar 10665739_907153579314314_1204853773543550064_n 10649777_10152687337378744_2322678839913420465_n (1) 2014-09-16_6487_OdileCaboITravelCabo10450732_765962956801881_1566269900540077450_ndid not just hit n run , but caused extreme damages in its path.
cabo san lucas and la paz areas were destroyed as were much of baja as odile ran up the peninsula.
we read yesterday evening of the second la paz casualty, and they still seek the remaining missing individual .
is a very sad time for cruisers here in mexico, in particular , in baja and golfo de california.
there is a donation site for assisting in th e rebuilding of la paz…


there is also another funding organization invoilved in the rebuilding of cabo san lucas…


if you can help, please do.


wake up to gorgeous morning.
start puter for weather.. ok so far, so good..
turn on radio and speak with neighbor.. still good..
then put pot on for coffee– good thing i had made coffee in a pot sized quantity yesterday because my flame quit..
problems. try to relight– not. ok
cold coffee today. it just isnt as satisfying as that first warm cup in am as ye fail to type so someone can read it..
and the FAIL of bad paws as the *&@#* thing wont come unglued as fast as i did…
ok we still have a few neighbors to abuse.. yes guys, this one is for you!!! thankyou for the assist so i can re fill my tank. !!!!! and i will go buy a nother one so i have not one but 2 again.
my second one is so rusted after 2 1/2 years in our environment– the aluminum ones last loong time, but the steel ones are rusted to nothing rapidly, despite paing coating them.

yes i am still seeking someone with paws that actully function as a crew and sailpartner and adventure sharer…. have had no takers as yet– we see and seek….
one came close– but…. we see what unfolds as we go….

ok so .

we met a crew potential….even agree with many ideas and team decent.
bubba only tried occasionally to shred him, but stopped after introductions were formalized. good kitty.
usually we get an amazing sensation  of fail after meeting new potential crew– this didnt leave that taste, but a different one i cannot identify.
would be fun to sail with this one, and we do get along and….
no, i aint rattin meself out, as folks might actually READ this stuff… rodlmffao.
and dont want to jinx anything.
is all in the whites iof the eyes, and when seen, and such….
in meantime, i wont hold breath, but continue towards my main goal–sailing a decent boat lol.. ye know this wasnt that when i started out.. is my work and hire out work that has made it this far, and the work to be done is still much.
but we gettin there.

btw–if the crew thing doesnt work out. we dont stop, but keep on keepin on.
it will just take a lil longer, but we still going.


10617515_1538737763024127_2878659_n 936689_10204319203210458_7237040201040154014_n 10534758_874719509223865_2607634042241496952_n 10610476_874719579223858_7798878783814627314_n 10593139_874719719223844_2795247784576324907_n

donny with his   ear to ear silly grin, with sally.

donny with his ear to ear silly grin, with sally.

10606406_10204319203250459_8070972288750327474_nheading to phoenix sat aug 30 to be with parents and siblings during this acute time of family loss.
donnys spirit was huge..it still is huge and always will be huge. he was a gentle caring giving soul with much hurt and damages. he was my brother. he was always special soul. i wish i could have protected him better.
so many things stream thru the brain in these times. silly and serious stuff all made of the stuff of memories.
donny was a good soul. he will live on, doesnt matter what he did or has done. yes , he is my brother and i love him dearly.

i miss him very much, as do we all.  he was my brother for 65 years.   what is not to miss.


all he wanted was to be free……



donny, you are  sooo loved.



hellfire and damnashunz

10606406_10204319203250459_8070972288750327474_nok so we got m y engine running on friday , august 18,. 2014. whoooot and hoooray!!!!!

then not long after i received a message that my brother donny had died.


so every good thing in life must be associated or accompanied by and with a reallllly bad thing.

ok. where the hell was that damn dislike button.

we still need to install the rest of the bits of engine so we have wet exhaust and a separately wired and with its own switch electric assist priming pump. what we already did was merely to see the thing works.
it does.
so, now if i can find me the tickets, as all my money is tied up in my engine and boat, i have a cat sitter and i have a boat sitter, i need to get to momma and the family.
where the hell did i put that winning lotto ticket i never bought……….

whoooot ok and is coming along…..

IMG_20140805_103443and so ka lunk is in process of installation, err, reinstallation. we are still trying to get fuel past injectors and found starter not fully engaging engine.
so we gonna look at both this starter and the old dead one we removed in cedros island–mebbe can be rebuilt here, whereas in cedros they may have not had the tools and testing equipment for htis job. we see….. and whatever else could be causing this we already ruled out the newly rebuilt injector pump…
found a good electrician and will hire him to rewire the panel and such …. and starters…. this is interesting… everyone is related in some way….
it will be this month we hear ka lunk make song….


10563366_823127837699409_715256788_nok so ka lunk is back into engine bays. mechanic choice to color it purple.. awesome.. next step is we connect all the stufies and make it run.. lol we gonna be good soon. after this fix, we make tanks for the diesel fuel..i am gonna have a fg one built into boat with 2 extra steel ones where the current water tankage is.. i will also make 2 smaller , 30-ish gallon tanks for water.. use able when i convert the 49 gal ones on each side into fuel holding tanks instead of water. will ultimately get water maker.. but is not priority yet. first the emergent repairs then the cosmetic ones.

a friend

has been stuck in a very pricey place for a while and has asked me to help her find crew or a captain. i keep finding and vetting, and they keep cold feeting(QUITTING) out.
this is getting most ludicrous.
the situation is explained well and with great detail.
the guys accept the situation.
the guys actually get there decide they cannot do that which they said they can and will do..
what a crock.
are all of todays male sailing folks like this??
i do believe otherwise as i knew some righteous souls who were and are sailors.
these males today aint sailors. they are…. i dont know… picky gato feos seeking a fancy feast trip on a kibbles and bits knowledg base with no ability to flex with situations requiring flexibiltity

first crew was awesome. he was good and did a very commendable job in a tight situation. but then he hasnt yet bought a cpt license from uscg…..the ones owning that paper have so far, been fail.
i have to wonder how an alleged cpt who says he understands a situation can become part of that situation because he is not able to tolerate some alternatives unfamiliar to him. buy a cpt license to drive tourists around a bay in a stinkpot, or use it to actually make a difference.
if you contract to do something, turning around because of fear is tolerable, however, turning around because suddenly you FEEL someone hasnt the ability, despite having proven otherwise, and in a boat that, according to the individual holdiing the credential paper suddenly is not seaworthy, after having traversed a canal and thousands of miles of caribbean and atlantic etc on way to pacific..
i am totally amazed at the behaviours i have been unfortunate enough to have heard of via the friend who is continuing to seek capable crew..  this has been shameful.

now this  friend is sola-ing   to puntarenas to  find more   allegedly capable souls to help her achieve her goal……

our silence

20131222_183711has been due to lack of news other than the usual this place is gorgeous omy i am so broke and we are repairing engine..

ok …
is an el niño year weather wise….could well be an informative weather experience …. wonder if we have more or fewer furycames on west coast this summer … .
only time will tell..
the winds of pre summer seem to be here now. we are sittting here with 25 kt gusts..ooooh,,,that was higher even yet..lol is not as fun as sailing in this stuff..is what these winds are made for..SAILING!!!
we have a friend sailing north from panama… she should be here by end april, mebbe, or mid may, my favorite time to arrive here..in middle of pre summer blow jobs from momma nature to 37 and 40 kts winds…. whoot….i think we might see a premature cyclonic event this mid to end may..we see….hope not–
speaking of wind, margo gets both papagayo and tehuantepec while on her way.. we see how it fares for her…. hope her timing is perfect so she can be here and tucked in for a bit by furycame  formation time.
hopefully no one gets too much wind …. at least not more than is handle-able.
as for the rescue at sea of hans christian 36 sv rebel heart erik and charlotte kaufmann and their sick baby… best of wishes for her recovery, whatever it was got her ill. so many rumors.. first was heart condition. then urticaria with other symptoms…itchiness isnt emergent but heart is, rescue at sea from a crippled sailboat. so much to learn.

as for the bird…. awesomeness of awesomenesses… we have arranged for delivery of engine in may , mechanic stated it will be easier from a dock as opposed to at anchor to install this baby….soooooo…
after that, we will make a fuel tank for birdee, built into boat..
as it is windier than stink here now and getting more so…chickensh** me will place into marina asap and spend 3 months renta at a time for better rates….crossing fingers and eyes…..
bubba hates wind,,,hurts his ears, poor baby

so far i have not been able to obtain a deal from the jefe at marina here, as everyone else has been able to do, so my fisherman friend  who hooked me up  with mechanic  is working on this for me….they are spozedly friends together, so we see.. if not by tues, i will go in to make a deal for myself… we see what transpires. i want to  bring boat in earlier than may  1. is too late this year..last year i waited until june 1  but this place was packed until then.  there are only    three boats here in anchorage  now who are cruisers, and 3 locals anchored. the marina   wil probably empty out more as  summer   approaches as  many have comprehensive insurance  that  does not cover damages here in summer between   the    dates   assigned for formation of major named storms.

i will advise.


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