temporary brick wall

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ok  so last year my brother donny died, in late august , the same day i  heard my engine run first time since runaway.

then this year, dad’s turn.   ok so it has been a helluva year.

donny was cremated, memorialized in arizona veterans memorial cemetery, dad, also burnt n turnt,  is to be memorialized on the  16th, also  arizona  veterans memorial cemetery.  his  baby brother and his  wife will also be  in attendance. momma doesnt know who is gonna be there until they are.

donny was a surprise, dad was kinda expected.  he faded  faster after donny  died.

and now i get to my lack of motorvations and lack of energies and lack of  …….

was gonna make a boom.


awesome so exciting.lookinmg forward  big  time to that…  woulda helped my trip  go better to mazatlan…. but there is no glue here..   ok.  so that  is out.

plan for later…after i sail to mazatlan with a  bad nasty mizzen boom. ok

will figgerout how to wrap it, as suggested by a wood boat friend.

reversing the   alleged work done by the   person from florida..so much  he   messed up and made inop.  ok that is  fixable.  is only time and money

got my  racor 500s , all both of em.. now  to  buy hoses and install em.

but first ….

is visa time.  again.

last time was temporal,  2 yrs ago. this year is mandatory permanente.

ok i  can deal with that..is less money paid out.  i win. gives me more privileges and i only have to do it once.  ok   i likee.

gotta go to manzanillo for that.  and as i am scattered a bit,  of late, i  hired a facilitator to assist with the forms i cannot fill out when i am stresed.

i think i am stressed.  cannot   fillout forms well anymore for a  bit.  ok no sweat..just   find folks who can.

boat  is   wishing she were in mazatlan with  a new bottom on her –that will be, but the   speedbumps encountered are   not yieldiing at this time.. much to  yet do.

and the continuing epic saga toilet misadventure….continues…gggrrr….  soi think i only have 2 hoses  left which could be the  culprits…  what a looong slow trek it has been.

was sent to melaque for imigration.   turns out i get to return to manzanillo, as colima estado is manzanillos  territory.   have a ride thursday, as weds is  independencia.  fiesta time.

i gather ye have figgered i aint got much happening at this time…   was a screeching kinda halt for a bit.  am still readying   for the  mazatlan  misadventure, will find crew to assist this boat in its progression  to the city.  stilll need someone to engine sit and bilge watch as we travel.

good thing is only  300 miles

i feel as if i felloutta da tree….

slowdown some

ok so  as summer goes on  we   doing our repairs over and over  yet again, as it seems same things  always break  no matter how well  ye fix em first time.    but then i have been here a day or two  so i suppose i need to take that into account.

and when it rains it pours….  boat needs repairs,  dad is   on his way to   wherever donny is, and  …….

so i have fuel filters, finally, and  need to plumb em into   fuel lines. i stil need sr diaz to come    finesse engine before leaving, dont know exatly when that will happen.  i still need to find  some   new hoses for   exhaust and …..

still need crew–now that there is no local work due to  no tourists at this time of year, i am being fought over.   money here is always short in sept and oct.

was going to have a new boom for the  trip north, but that seems to   have met an impasse. damn i was so looking forward to that new  piece of boat to use.    so instead  10520895_840352075976985_2072390975250470855_n

i will be  patching and wrapping what i have    so hopefully it makes it to mazatlan without killing me or bubba.

is kinda hard to concentrate on the business of repairs when  the life   of a family member is waning, especially the    one who  gave us life and breathe and kept us fed and clothed   as we   were raised by him n momma.  he did a good job of providing.

i hope his passing is peaceful.  this is hard to watch. was difficult when i was working,  but up close and personal is a different   kind of  watching.  kinda  messes up the ability to concentrate on   the lil things, like what day is it, and  what do i have to do.

visa is due to renew at this time, as well…  should be  completed by  end oct,  so then i will be able to relocate easily  and  without the visa hassle over my head.

still hoping to be in mazatlan  as soon as i  can manage that…had to redo some   work that was allegedly already done–but was fail, as   some gave me a hella shock   to paw when i went in to a cabinet that was not spozed to have  live  137v wire hanging around.. oops…   that hurt for a coupla days.  wish i could trust the work that was allegedly done  when the  person  who was allegedly assisting in the alleged repairs, but i cannot.  so that was 6 months of   fail   that  had to be re configured for safety  ….. so many things,  a few of which i  yet neeed to find..  cannot go to open ocean with  the   results of sabotage under my  butt….. i want to live thru this intact, boat, cat, and self.

and i have found  items i am saving for    to use on boat when i  leave–  a shifter and throttle   assembly that is   two instead of one lever, so i can experience a miracle in   operating   this  engine and boat…ease in   function..milagro.   ok is on list….

and…….  so repairs continue. what i can do here i do not have to do in mazatlan.

and i  understand i have a brand new  toilet awaiting me in   guaymas…  must get to my destination….  that  new head is    a  bright goal in my   life at present… imagine  getting happy   just because you are getting a new  toilet…  ok so my life is a lil dull right now, but….  repairs are in progress, slowly, and i am  still making my plans in wet sand.

go in  peace  dad and watch over momma….

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so we stuck here a  tad more time as we have experienced some fun  not anticipated, per norm.  trying to make mazatlan   this fall/winter season.

the search for  filters and water separators brought us to casa de  pescadores, the local  fishermans store and chandlery in manzanillo, wherein there are sooomany things my boat is now demanding.   oops

anyway, as we repair we reinforced our learning that  there is more to repair before it is    done, and might as well fix entire thing  than   bandaid it together 12   times..

i figgered there is a system by system   replacement  statute of limitations.    but,  boats the age of mine–damnear 40 yrs old, need all systems completely replaced. ok we will do that.

so, as  we await  departure for mazatlan from here,  we  fixing more than we figgered to fix here.. the mizzen boom is high on the list so i can  actually sail jib n jigger to maz  with  some machinery accompaniment,   rather than the other way around.    much preferable

and so dad went into skilled nursing care section of their   old folks’  place,  just around  3rd or 4th, birthday time.  was too busy   being frauded out of  the contents of my bank card, which has been   very flustrating.

Never ever buy anything with a card at home depot or  walmart.   gggrrr

new card is on its way and  life is good.  bank  investigating the fraud, spozed to  get the money back that was  stolen  from my  account via my card numbers.

crossing fingers as i typo…

so we survived that one……

as usual.

and now we have our    paperworks  in progress, finally, after   x number fone calls to virginny and    emails.. wow so many..and ..whew,  finally . i have the receipt for  the uscg  use of my card for   documentation.


did i say finally..

and so the search  continues for the filter housings i need  for the  engine  to remain  awesome  despite being used   in a hostile to it environment.  cartridges re easily found, but the housings….

and now i see i need to replace the trident exhaust hose. ok.. there are hose   stores in mexico– not certain  of where closest  one is..  will find easily enough..if all else fails,  use a taxi. the drivers know a   lot  and  are  locals, so nothong is without  access…

found some  zipties for temporary  clamping of   booms.. we might try to fly the mizzen and jib, or parts of each, if……

this  boat will be soooo happy to see next port, as i promised her a  transformation, of sorts–kinda a partial makeover, and a bottom  job/haulout.

ok so i forgot the froot loops….

storm_102download (18)two_pac_2d0and blanca is a windy beast not giving us any much needed rain.
life is good–even with the storm a week season on us earlier than usual. and so intense– two majors in two formed storms..wow..
still looking to get to mazatlan by winter–hoping for junes end or mid jooly. gggrrrr.. mebbef or my birthday– dont know yet. depends onmomma natcher and her wimsy and stormations.plotsystemforecast_nt_pz_pa_2015_active_invests_fulltropics_merc_640x280_640_48020150606.1445.goes15.x.vis1km_high.02EBLANCA.115kts-943mb-173N-1092W.98pc_zpsxhzrdea5

long time no see..oops… bad me

ok and so. with the whoops of having disrespectful crew yet again, and with prep for depoarture for points north for repairing important things and sketchy wifi and other connections.. and …..
it seems i will be tryying to pit a formosa against a furycame…. so, before i do this rash deed, i am repairing things i am finding broken by the last alleged helper..
one of these days i will find an apropriate soul who loves the boat and will help in exchange for sail time and a share the sail situation wherein all get along and have fun. seemsimpossible.
i am in middle opf toilet repairs–yet aqgain.. second pump assembly in 8 months.. why, you ask, do my toilet poumps self destruct so fast— prolly because alleged helpers/workers pump toiulet paper , aka papier mache , down th e hole. not a good thing to do . papier mache dont flush down and out, but remains within the confines of the hoses until such time as no one is around to help drag hoses off fittings and ye get a stopped head. oops.
as this is a somewhat shitty topic i think it is time to change it. topic that is
i will be removing my windmille before departure, as i have noticed some changed in mizzen mast. i wanna ge tther eintact, as much as possible…
and i have found the answers to the questions i received the wrong answers to whiole chukkee was here–i asked if he saw cracks in the glue lines of my booms, mizzen and main.. he sed no he saw none.
ok. i am glad i didnt count on htat as an honest answer,as the twain are cracked for at least 6 inches each.
oops. thankyou for honest answers–i thought he was here to help, but i learned otherwise. i fired him the same day we go there into marina, as he enmdangered boat by refusing to answer when i asked a simple question– is my sprit clear of the piling– i had to ask twice, and a neighbor, jim, of liebling, a beautiful amel, told me i was NOT clear…oops… but half length of sprit not clear.
upon returrn io=to interior of my bosat, after tying he roff to dock, i was confronted with the question”well, what ye gonna do , FIRE me??” to which i replied.YES.
and he was gone, spewing many wierd sentences as he left, such as..he had been shanghaid with 5other guys in florida and he was held captive and he yada yada.,.is schizophrenic. ok.
glad i didnt go to sea with this nutcase.. had a feeling, so i waited 6 months to see how we would get along– we would not. ever never.
and so…..
i had rqusted a leak be repaired in head hose– required 2 inches to be cut from length.. i found that therre wa sanew leak into boat and the part cut from hose was 8 inches.. ok. i aint gonna go down before i reach the yard, i hope– so i maintained my stuff.. new hose, new pump. ok. sreacock lubed and worked. whew
packing unit needs replaced or modified for reuction of ingress of water as i motor to mazatlan, as sails aint gonna cut it….
need racor fitltration system, in particular the water separator–mine seems to have been made permanentlhy nonfunctional, a spitcock fitting was destroyed then lost. ok. i had a 200 i am refitting for use, and seeking another of whatever number i can find to make 2 filters before engine, as i do not wish to make this engine nonfunctional. is awesome perfect .
my brother located for me a garmin, 498, same as i already have, so installation is spozed to be easy peasy.
chainplate bolts– i was told they are fixed. NOT. rodl
i was advised my … and so it goes.. folks were advised my boat was frepaired by this clown who tried to make it worse for me..
i found the problems and fixed em.
the original problems continue withou t change.. so..is not fixed.
and that is why i am retiurning to a place in which found a good crew with whom to work on this boat and friends in area and a good veterinarian bubba already knows– dr rafael of la jungla-awesome cool with critters…
no, we havent given up–we strengthening for renewed adventuring..

we in lagoon now…

came out here under own power, finally.

still  in dire need of  electricity–havent been able to charge batts..learned the cranker  was  no good..ditched it for another–now checking and improving house banks.

tonight finally running engine..we see how the   6v  golf cart batteries are holding  up when we have   sent  enough electricity into em to make em actually show a charge…  oops…..

found  new  6 v  golf cart batts in melaque–buying 2 fri, will add another 2 next month.  is only money…lol…

winter again arriving…

10649777_10152687337378744_2322678839913420465_n (1)10606406_10204319203250459_8070972288750327474_ncropped-1533862_713943878617806_234851646_n.jpg 20140503_071539 (2)20131222_183711DSC06852bubba likes thisalthough one would never know that here— all our weather is awesome, and winter is dry season.
summer is cane season… nice n wet n wild with walls of rain and occasional winds, always a daily breeze to 20 or so kts…hot water under keel… yes, hot. gets to near 100f in water in lagoon.
in pacific was nice n toasty for creation of storm systems. this season was exciting. there were some 8 majors with incredible energy.
some were not fun to watch.
odile was a bitch.
there will be some repairing happening in baja for a while , yet.
some places will not be same again.
change is good.
our (life’s) only constant is change.
so somewhere in december, this boat will again be out at anchor.. hopefully with a new fuel rail ( lacework tubings do not transport fuel to injectors adequately, it seems…) and some other projects in mor ecompleted state. we see…
after we have accomplished something here, we will head to banderas bay for sail re-repair…. seems the jib i s mis-shaped thanks to mike alleged north sails, of la cruz de huanacaxtle. there is thankthe gods a second sail maker in la cruz, so i can have the gusset placed by mikee removed so i can again sail my heavy cruiser. at present i have a foot and half permanent luff stitched intop sail by an inadequately skilled alleged sailmaker. (when in la cruz, do NOT use north sails mike. only association with north sails is the logo. he is not associated nor affiliated in any way with the real north sails )
we will also be increasing and improving the battery storage situation on this boat– and the charging system, as well as emergent projects this boat has a tendency to dream up for my entertainment….
have a friend with me now– many projects can be addressed so perhaps panama could be a true goal in shorter time….
we see….
we still need to re align engine and install guages and meters and at some point a new packing gland and cutlass bearing.. mazatlan seems best for that job and a half, and not the gringo side of town with slings to remove yachts from water, but in the old harbor where the yards still have rail systems of hauling out a sturdy boat….
sorry marina-only in summer for you….
for me it will be good to be able to change my location and it will be good to be able to actually be able to use interwebz to purchase boat goods i am unable to purchase here, due to fail wifi (the only problem with this location, i may add…lol.)
it is awesome gorgeous here, but it is time to relocate…

furycame odile

10645172_875853139093395_2371913081614937310_n 10393656_765962973468546_8164477240753480507_n 1943197 EE0E0793-E09F-4524-A9B7-3B3A2A36A3CB_zpsdxfab2kl 2ugp9ar 10665739_907153579314314_1204853773543550064_n 10649777_10152687337378744_2322678839913420465_n (1) 2014-09-16_6487_OdileCaboITravelCabo10450732_765962956801881_1566269900540077450_ndid not just hit n run , but caused extreme damages in its path.
cabo san lucas and la paz areas were destroyed as were much of baja as odile ran up the peninsula.
we read yesterday evening of the second la paz casualty, and they still seek the remaining missing individual .
is a very sad time for cruisers here in mexico, in particular , in baja and golfo de california.
there is a donation site for assisting in th e rebuilding of la paz…


there is also another funding organization invoilved in the rebuilding of cabo san lucas…
if you can help, please do.


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